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Sports and Night Guards

Different Types of Mouth Guards

Sports Guards

Dental injury is one of the most common injuries that happen during sports. Sports guards not only protect the teeth from an external impact, but also protect jaws and soft tissues i.e. lips and tongue. In addition, sports guard acts as a shock absorbent to reduce the force impact to the skull, and thus reduce the severity of concussion.

Grinding Guards

Grinding guard, or commonly known as night guard, protect the teeth from grinding or clenching, which will thin out the enamel over time. Enamel is the whitest part of the tooth; it serves as a hard outer layer which protects the tooth. When tooth enamel becomes thin, the teeth will become yellow, they are also more prone to having sensitivity, damage and fracture. Chronic grinding can also change how the teeth fit together and can potentially be detrimental to the jaw joints. Therefore, a grinding guard is recommended to be worn not only during the night, but also during the day whenever possible.

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