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Pediatric & Kids Dentistry

What is Pediatric & Kids Dentistry?

At Ridgeway Dental, it is our honour and pleasure to take care of every member of your family, including your little ones. Having good oral health and establishing a good oral hygiene routine starts from a young age. Therefore, bringing your children in for a regular dental exam and cleaning gives us an opportunity to inform you on how to take care of your little munchkins’ teeth, and to educate your older kids on good oral hygiene practices. Seeing your children periodically also allows us to suggest preventative treatment or make early diagnosis of any dental issues.

We understand that going to a dentist is a nerve-wrecking experience to a lot of children, so we always try to make them feel comfortable and secure before proceeding with any treatment. Every child is unique, with different level of understanding and cooperation. Therefore, while being patient and compassionate to every young patient, our approach is customized to each child to ensure that the dental experience continues to be a positive one.

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Located in Coquitlam, on the corner of Ridgeway Ave and Marmont St, our clinic is accessible and close to family neighbourhoods with onsite parking.

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